My Approach

I love finding just the right word or turn of phrase to communicate an idea clearly and persuasively. Finessing a text is like a puzzle that requires skill derived from practice. Not only have I honed this talent, but I love solving these puzzles!

How I got here

My love of words and clear, concise text intensified when I worked in museums.  I had the opportunity to convey my love of art and history to diverse audiences and I was determined to inspire interest and provoke thought.  Finding just the right word soon became fun, almost a game.  Since then I have brought that approach to both my own writing as well as the work of others.


Krystina Mierins

I have honed my writing and communication skills over the past twelve years while working in museums, galleries, academia, and publishing.  My breadth of experience is derived from both the private and non-profit sectors in which I have worked as an editor, freelance writer, educator, and publicist.

I completed my MA in Art History and gained experience in the museum and gallery sectors before focusing on writing, teaching, and editing.  Since then I have worked for organizations in Canada and the United States.  In addition to this, my writing has been featured in newspapers, magazines, academic journals and museum catalogues.

I am a member of the Editors' Association of Canada.

Krystina Mierins