Drawing on years of experience working with businesses both big and small, I will help you to engage your target demographic while strengthening your brand. To develop an effective strategy, it will require that we work closely so that your goals become my goals!

Content Marketing

I will develop content that provides your audience with in-depth information that will inspire loyalty to your brand and interest in your business. Together, we will design a marketing strategy that features a variety of written content on various platforms to inform your customers about what makes you and your product unique.

Through this work, you will demonstrate to your consumers that you are an authoritative business within your field. This in turn will strengthen your brand and ensure that the right people know about you.


I can provide a range of services from copyediting to development of marketing strategies. I will draw on my experience writing newsletters, creating promotional materials and plans, and developing content to build your customer base and your online presence.

Arts and Culture

I have a wealth of experience working and writing for both the private and non-profit sides of the arts and culture sector.  My passion for this realm fuels my writing as I seek to engage audiences.  Let me help you promote interest in your work so your efforts get the attention they deserve!

Areas of Expertise:

Visual Arts                  Museums                  Galleries



Arts and Culture


I have worked as an educator with students of various ages, interests and levels of expertise.  I have taught in classrooms, galleries and online.  The exponential growth of the distance education sector requires that schools find new ways to reach a broader audience.  I can help with this!

Areas of Expertise:

Distance Education              Online Learning              Universities


Social Justice and Welfare

I have experience working with individuals and groups that have been held back due to a lack of access to resources, particularly education.  Such challenges have motivated my writing and volunteer work.  Let's work together to draw attention and resources to the issues your organization tackles.

Areas of Expertise:

Access to Resources                  Literacy                  Homelessness

Krystina Mierins