I could always count on Krystina. She is a conscientious editor, has a keen eye for detail, and comes through in a pinch! I can highly recommend her as an editor and colleague. We worked remotely between Los Angeles and Toronto, but I always felt she was there in the office with us. She's a true team player, and I highly valued her contributions and opinions. Anyone who works with Krystina can have confidence in her work and will enjoy spending time with her, too.

    - Carrie Paterson, Publisher and Editor in chief, DoppelHouse Press, Los Angeles, USA

I have had very positive experiences working with Krystina on various projects over a number of years. I highly recommend her for editing work, as well as assisting with advanced research. She offers valuable insights and is well positioned to work on a wide range of subject areas. Krystina is also highly personable. Her commitment to high standards in writing and research make Krystina an excellent resource for any author.

- Alison McQueen, Professor of Art History, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

I am absolutely impressed with Krystina's work! Not only that she proofread my project proposal thoroughly, noticing even the tiniest details, but she also gave me many useful comments. I usually have to review an editor's changes very carefully as they unintentionally alter the meaning.  In Krystina's case, however, I did not have to do any further modification. Moreover, I was working with a tight deadline and she did everything quickly yet professionally, not making any compromises when it comes to the quality of her work. My wholehearted recommendations!

    - Fulbright Scholarship Applicant, Ixelles, Brussels

Krystina provided insightful and helpful feedback on a grant proposal, editing for clarity and flow. Her feedback was well-communicated and delivered constructively and honestly, and all of the work was done on time and at a high level. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone needing to polish their writing.

    - Artist, Taichung, Taiwan

I give Krystina 5 stars. She did a marvellous job: she read my text very carefully, correcting all the errors, and suggesting helpful improvements where necessary. She is a wonderful person to collaborate with. Moreover, very friendly and cordial! I highly recommend her!

    - Applicant for a post-doctoral fellowship, Ixelles, Brussels

Krystina's sole intention in her edits was my success. I could not recommend anyone more for such personalized and helpful entrance essay edits. 

    - Natasha, Law School Applicant, Ottawa, Canada

I worked with Krystina to develop a letter of intent and an academic CV. I cannot offer any suggestions for improvement because everything went perfectly. Krystina was communicative and offered excellent advice. Her turnaround times were fast. Krystina is a pleasure to work with.

    - Jamie, EdD applicant, Montreal, Canada

Krystina Mierins