Scholarly Editing

I want to help you polish your text in preparation for submission to journals or publishers.  I will proofread the manuscript as well as work closely with you to ensure your research is well-organized and presents your ideas clearly and persuasively.

Editing and Proofreading

You’ve been working on a text intensively and you need a second set of eyes to ensure you’re saying what you want to say without any grammatical errors or repetition.  Take a break and let me review your draft!


First steps...

Writing is a messy and lengthy process.  The research often takes more time than anticipated and when it's completed you've gone down unexpected paths finding tidbits that need to be in your final product.  At this stage you've got lots of information that is difficult to organize but you must get your great ideas out there for others to read.  I can help you organize your ideas before you start writing or I can jump into the fray after you have a draft.

Next steps...

We will wade through the material together and ultimately create a product that conveys your ideas in an organized way.  I will advise you on how to structure your work so that it flows.  At the final stage I will edit your work completely while maintaining your voice.  This means that I will do copy editing (recasting/fixing sentences) and proofreading (checking for grammatical and spelling errors). This ensures the final product is in great shape!


Krystina Mierins